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How To Apply Glitter Nail Polish the Right Method

Glitter nail polish could also be a enjoyable solution to inject some sparkle into our beauty routines, however between the removal process and the truth that it by no means fairly seems to be as glittery sufficient, it always seems to be tricky to get right. Nevertheless, we have found a hack that solutions the age-old query, «how to apply glitter nail polish?» and makes getting off-the-charts ranges of shine factor easier — and faster — than ever.

Virtually every nail model in the marketplace carries tons of glitter options to get in on the development, so lucky for you, shining vivid like a diamond (at the least in your fingertips) is one affordable beauty development we can seriously get behind.

Read on for exactly how to make it happen.

Step 1: Start With the Base Coat

Begin with a clear base coat to guard your nail from damage, and to make your glitter mani final as long as possible.

Step 2:

Paint the skin round your nail with liquid latex or PVA glue, which protects your skin from being covered in glitter when you apply the polish. FYI: This genius hack might be utilized to any type of manicure to avoid getting polish in your nail beds.

Step 3:

Paint the nook of a make-up sponge (told you it was something you already had mendacity round!) with a generous amount of glitter polish. If you happen to need some inspiration, listed below are a number of of our faves. For those who do not wish to sacrifice the one you love Beautyblender, pick up a pack of disposable ones out of your nearest drugstore.

Step four:

Using the painted make-up sponge, dab the glitter delicately onto your nails, going over it as many occasions as mandatory until the entire nail is covered. The idea behind the additional step is that the porous materials will take in a lot of the liquid base, permitting the glitter to go on in a thick, opaque coat. For those who really want to get fancy (now that you simply’re basically an skilled) strive the «burnishing method» for an additional holographic look.

Step 5: Get Rid of the Latex

Peel off the liquid latex/PVC glue to do away with any stray sparkles.

If you have any inquiries regarding where and how you can use wholesale glitter, you could contact us at our web page.

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